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Hi All, This is mereily a test I running on feedburner. No reply please. Thank you

Are You Mobile?

Is your business or brand accessible on mobile phones? If it’s not it should be because consumers are increasingly accessing information and content on their cell phones. Google has said about 20 percent of searches on Google.com are NOW related to location, which means we’re searching for things to do, eat, visit etc. when we […]

How-To Resize an Image in Photoshop Elements

How-To Use Adobe “File Info” Feature

TUTORIAL Add description information to Photoshop Element (PSD) images This tutorial demonstrates how to add information into the “file info” section of an image in Adobe Elements and retain this information throughout your project. Step 1: Open Photoshop Elements and select “edit” as shown below. Step 2: Select open and then navigate to the location […]

Adding YouTube Video to Your Site

This video demonstrates how to add an embedded code from Youtude (or any other source) to your post.

Insert Picture into WordPress Blog with Frame and Spacing

This tutorial is with wordpress 2.4, and your probable using 2.8. Fear not, the section you’ll need to insert an image begin at the (2) minute mark.

How to add pics to the featured content gallery on a wordpress blog

WebSite Tonight

Not all small business has the budget to start off with a professional, custom website. You can sign up for hosting with YTG  and use the the available tools to build a site, create a blog, and more. • On top of all this, your site will have the option to be Mobile. • All […]

Hosting services

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